Is there any something more beautiful than green bedroom?. Yes, we are sure that bedroom is the main room where you spend half your life by staying your bedroom. Although there are many ways to decorate bedroom to be more beautiful and green, but many people are doing mistakes when try decorating a bedroom. Most of them do mistakes in choosing color or even resulting the non- great green combination inside. See the best tips how to realize green bedroom ideas.

Fresh Green Bedroom Ideas, Decorating Tips To Make It Happen

Start From Painting
Well, as we know that almost all people use panting media to decorate their bedroom. Painting bedroom can be done DIY as long as it appears satisfaction for you. Use the bright green color to be sure that your room is avoided from darker and less light. Additionally, if you have no compromise with your budget, you can try to hire an experienced painter to help you finish all. For the children rooms, you can combine more than one green colors, apply the different green color in different areas of the wall. It is done because we know that children commonly prefers like something colorfully.

Bedding, Blankets and Furniture
In term of bedding, you are not allowed to use a plain green as your bedding. It is forbidden because will make your room looks monotonous and so bad. You can combine neutral colors such as white and black to be combined with the green into your bedding, it is obtain for your accessories too. Pillow case, blanket and other bed accessories (dolls) are able to be treated similarly. Meanwhile in term of furniture opt, you are free to choose whatever type of furniture you want, and for the color opt, you can choose dark brown or light brown to contrast with the surrounded color view.