Different people have different preferences and that can be observed in the type of homes they build. Log homes have had their presence since the 20th Century and are still popular. However such homes require extra attention where the decor is concerned and here are some basic tips to keep in mind while styling your log home decor.

Striking a balance between the log home décor and the home’s interiors may seem like a difficult task. This is because log homes do not have flat walls which can be painted or wall papered. Log homes comprise of wooden walls, wooden staircases and doors and sometimes even wooden floorings. Complementing the wooden look with a suitable interior to bring out a pleasing and original look is extremely important.

Log homes with lighter wood and stains were originally coordinated with blue and white hues and this complemented the log home décor very well. Similarly, log homes having darker wood and stains were coordinated with brighter colors like red and green. To decide the color combination to be used in a log home décor, the precise shade of the wood has to be understood. Generally blue and white hues are popular in log home décor.

Though color scheme plays an important role in the log home décor, equal attention should be paid to the overall interiors. Log homes are generally designed in country style and therefore modern contemporary décor does not compliment log homes. The interior Log home décor should ideally comprise of shorter, simpler curtains, area rugs instead of carpets, prudently chosen work of art coupled with traditional wooden rocking chair type furniture having simple fabric cushions. Modern art and modern furniture may spoil the look of a log home décor and give it an uncoordinated look.

Even after taking the above into consideration, the main aim should be to give the log home décor an appealing and warm look. Thus each family may decide what suits them best. Though a common observation is that the style in most log home décor is similar and this is even evident in a survey of log homes conducted by a home décor magazine. The reason for this may be simple – log home décor does not offer the freedom to be innovative due to their underlining look and character or simply that those who prefer log homes have the same preferences in décor as well.